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K Media

K Media is a race-focused digital media agency providing complete content solutions entirely in-house.

Client Deck (Click here)

K Media started off as Klingsporn Media, specializing in online content creation for small businesses. The target market changed with a transition into motorsport content creation. The plan was to bring the client into a sporty look for their brand image, connecting it back to the target market. It started off with dropping the name to “K Media,” leaving behind the original naming while keeping some aspects of the naming and colors for brand equity. It came down to exploring different ways of incorporating a sporty look into the mark itself. The change began with a sans serif font that was bold and attention grabbing. It then led to picking up a forward motion to the mark with the shear. After different variations it was clear to continue the forward movement to reflect their mission statement, vision statement, and target market.

Their new look fits in perfectly in the industry. The logo application can be found on jet tags, sponsor decals, and clothing promoting their service to their clients during the relaunch. We kept in mind the digital media agency’s clients traveling nature, so we had to design packaging and other promotional materials that were affordable and able to be shipped. In the package there were promotional material that were specific to the relaunch. The apparel had a limited-edition design that showed their appreciation to the clients. There were designs for jet tag keychains, stickers, and a personal branded card for the client to write on.

Process Work

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