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Brandon Paasch

A twenty-year-old professional motorcycle rider competing in the British Supersport Series 2021, Brandon Paasch was the 2021 Daytona 200 winner before going overseas to race in BSB.

The plan for Paasch’s logo was to bring a new look to his return in the British Supersport Series on the Triumph factory team. With this came the restrictions of the clients’ number and colors the client wanted to keep. There was a need to research in some background behind the new Triumph factory team and some aspects we can tie into his own branding. Needing a pattern, there was a need for a deep dive into some history; it was clear that the Dazzle Camouflage that the British Royal Navy integrated during WWII would connect back to the team and the purpose. The basis of the pattern was to camouflage themselves so enemy navy could not gauge their speed to make attacks. The number icon ties in his personality by the chosen colors with a nod to the British made bike using the Dazzle Camouflage, disguising his true speed on track.

While bringing his numbers into a modern trendy style using the sans serif was difficult, the shear brought the motion into the mark. Encasing the mark to make it lockup tighter while plugging his social media handles made the client satisfied. Fluctuating between different color lockups allowed for more applications in the future depending on the applications. His new image represented himself as a rider tying in the team of Triumph. The logo application can be found on his riding leather, beanies, decals, and clothing promoting him as a professional rider.

Process Work

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