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Cape Town

Wordmark that embraces the lifestyle of Cape Town. 

The objective was to create a wordmark that embraces what Cape Town is about. The plan was to bring in the water, boats, and geography that Cape Town has to offer. The concept was clean and lively for the viewer to feel the experience of Cape Town through the design. Through research, there were different aspects that represent Cape Town that were brought into the mark itself.

The choice to use a round Sans Serif font for the design embraces simplicity which follows the lifestyle of Cape Town. The letter “A,” as representative of a mountain (earth) and the below-intersecting lines creates harmony with the “O” as water. While the apex of the letter “A” is indicative of the mountainous topography of Cape Town. Furthering the reference to water, the bottom of the “W” cites the waveforms first presented in the “O.” The division between “Cape” and “Town” hints at both the well-known “Table Mountain” and the vivid horizon.

Process Work

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